Meet Your Instructor Davis Atteberry

TPI Level 1, Junior 2

Instructor Davis Atteberry

My name is Davis Atteberry and I am a Mindset Coach and I teach golfers how to play with confidence and level up their game through my IRON-clad Mental Mastery Academy.

Helping golfers Play MORE. Shoot LOWER. WIN games.

I have taken my experience of working in the mental health field, along with my coaching experiences on the golf course and in the health and wellness industry to help golfers have more self belief in what they can accomplish. I teach golfers that all actions begin with a thought and in order to change the actions, the thoughts need to be evaluated. And the easiest way to evaluate thoughts is to write them down.

Every golfer will say that golf is a mental sport. When I ask golfers how they are working at improving their very important mental side of the game, I am left with blank stares or the common answers of “I read a golf psychology book once”, “I listened to a golf psychologist on YouTube or Instagram talk about being more mentally strong.” When I respond with “Awesome, how did you take that information into your round?” I get left with more blank stares, or a common answer of “I tried it for one round and that was it.”

I teach golfers how to train themselves to be THE mentally strong golfer in their group, that deep inside they want to be. No longer spending energy battling with low self belief, listening to the shit talking voice in your head, uncontrolled waves of internal or external emotions on the course and at home after the rounds.

I know what it’s like because I have been there to AND you can choose the route of doing nothing…. OR you can be curious about what this coaching could do for you.

In my coaching you learn practical ways to improve your mindset which allows you a new way of achieving those changes on the course and in the gym you have been wanting. In order to change your actions, you must first believe in yourself that you can achieve that change you desire. Mindset is the story that we tell ourselves and that is why I help my clients learn to craft their stories to align with their goals and purposes.

I utilize different methods of working with golfers on their game, on their body, and on their mind through my holistic coaching model. If you are interested in making a change in yourself to change your more than your game, click the link to book a call with me.

Improving your swing

Davis teaches new or existing golfers "gain more control" or "gain more consistency" with their swing movement. The Tee Box is a suitable place to practice indoor where weather conditions won't affect you mentally and physically for golfing.


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